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Headed back home to NZ over Christmas and managed to give my Synit Deepshot Seriola and the new Synit Deepshot 200g (overhead available only) a good workout at White Island with Graeme the owner of Synit rods and my good friend Quinton.

Bends on the Synit Deepshot Seriola

Some of the Kingys landed that day on the Synit Deepshot Seriola

Graeme putting a bend with in the Synit Deepshot Seriola (Spin)

Quinton putting a bend on the new Synit Deepshot 200g

Seriola in action against some Samson in Fremantle Perth

I would highly recommend the Synit Deepshot Seriola for any serious jigger wanting to only purchase one rod as this rod jigs a wide range of jigs weights and is easy on the angler when hooked up on a big fish with plenty of lift.
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